List of submissions that have been approved and are ready for the next update.

CherryTree office 4cbd78b04 Updated for version 0.36.0.
ClusterSSH network 124025b2f Updated for version 4.04_01.
aegisub multimedia 612a8161c Fix build on -current.
atom development 07f98b077 Updated for version 1.2.3.
awscli network 31ea9910a Updated for version 1.9.9.
bas55 development 891f3f019 Updated for version 1.07.
botocore libraries 5b41bcfa4 Updated for version 1.3.9.
cchardet libraries c6d2af85c Updated for version 1.0.0.
click python ffde0a23d Updated for version 6.0.
cryptography python 56f2db82e Updated for version 1.1.1.
devedeng multimedia c5e5ad34a Updated for version 4.4.0.
dropbox-python libraries 9519a4dbe Updated for version 3.42.
dvisvgm graphics a76361247 Remove deps that are part of Slackware.
elemental-ircd network 1a3219003 Added (high performance irc daemon).
fbv graphics 359550d8e Fix compile issue.
flake audio bef699951 Fix buffer overrun.
foomatic-db-engine system 29834df1d Added (Foomatic's database engine).
foomatic-db system 0f1cc6ab1 Added (Foomatic's XML database).
fsviewer system f874851b9 Fix compile issue.
generator_cbiere games 266c0204e Fix compile issue.
grc misc d26dee6a9 Added (generic colouriser).
grip2 audio ca76d6b64 Fix compile issue.
gtklife games b4183174d Fix compile issue.
guix system 6fea2e2e8 Added (package manager).
hpack python 98c2b03b8 Added (HPACK header compression).
idna python 83fc87d10 Added (Internationalized Domain Names in Applications).
jezzball-kazzmir games fa2e94193 Fix compile issue.
ltrace development 884607de5 Fix compile issue.
man-db system 9953db687 Fix compile issue.
match-vamp-plugin audio 430c47661 Fix compile issue.
monty python bc730b4a7 Updated for version 0.7.2.
msx264 libraries 2babd4e18 Updated for version 1.5.2.
numix-gtk-theme desktop 253334d92 Added (modern flat theme).
numix-icon-theme-bevel desktop 5600a6ce5 Added (icon theme).
numix-icon-theme-circle desktop 883d6ebaa Added (icon theme).
numix-icon-theme desktop 4734e2eb1 Added (icon theme).
obs-studio multimedia 8fb406e7d Updated for version 0.12.2.
openbox-simple-theme desktop 818d6a4fc Updated for version 20151121.
passlib python fd3ff4231 Added (comprehensive password hashing framework).
pdfshuffler office 62dfa81c0 Built against newer PyPDF + new maintainer.
perl-Test-Differences perl ebf705ef7 Updated for version 0.64.
perl-file-desktopentry perl 13bf0cf53 Updated for version 0.21.
php-redis libraries f80cbf1a6 Added (Redis bindings for PHP).
pidgin-skypeweb network 48117b54a Updated for version 1.0.
pilkit python 3246ed9b1 Updated for version 1.1.13.
pioneer games d8e927be2 Added (A game of lonely space adventure).
plumbum libraries 4cba7fe0b Updated for version 1.6.0.
pycparser libraries e5fe6cf71 Updated for version 2.14.
python-ndg_httpsclient python 6f995f027 Removed (duplicate).
qbittorrent network 3efb27ede Added qbittorrent-nox + an rc init script.
regex python 29daf5122 Updated for version 2015.11.22.
spotify32 multimedia c96747f4e Improve icon install.
spotify64 multimedia b541e4543 Improve icon install.
supermariowar games fcda96834 Fix compile issue.
systrace system cb57bdb35 Fix compile issue.
tixati network ab04de35f Updated for version 2.27_1.
units academic a4cddd440 Updated for version 2.12.
unoconv office b74e8bc61 Update deps.
uqm games 91b68fd8d Fix compile issue.
vips graphics a6423cfc7 Update MD5SUM.
vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg-extra multimedia cbe180fe4 Change source to latest deb.
vivaldi network cf5cb1b59 Updated for version 1.0.330.3_1.
wesnoth games 982cbacac Do not build tests.
wmmon desktop 5fd1f3680 Updated for version 1.1+20131205.
wmquake games 9dfdb6c17 Added (Quake DockApp).
wmwebcam games 9537f0a42 Added (Webcam DockApp).
xdotool accessibility 968698687 Fix include permissions.
yae games d28b94ed5 Fix compile issue.
you-get network 66be21b60 Updated for version 0.4.167.
youtube-dl network 34458ad36 Updated for version 2015.11.19.

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