List of submissions that have been approved and are ready for the next update.

APScheduler python 8efa473da Added (Advanced Python Scheduler).
SFGUI libraries 6561d970d Added (Simple and Fast GUI).
SFML libraries 34d3a5c93 Fix script.
alsacap audio 469d44382 Fix VERSION.
apulse audio 48174e510 updated for version 0.1.3
argtable libraries 3701594fe Updated for version 2.13 + new maintainer.
connman network f92495856 Added (open source connection manager).
eclipse-cpp development f3261bf31 Updated for version 4.4.1.
eclipse-java development 04ef40bad Added (Eclipse IDE for Java Developers).
eclipse development 2d4c5c7fd Removed (replaced with eclipse-java).
espeakup accessibility 9a827692d Change email address.
fail2ban network 61c99589f Update source url.
fdupes system 3229cfc6f Fix homepage and DOWNLOAD url.
flite accessibility 1ed288ab0 Fix script.
focuswriter office 4c4b37100 Updated for version 1.5.3.
higan games 39b318c59 Change HOMEPAGE and DOWNLOAD url
hipchat network 40810fd59 updated for version 2.2.1221
ibus-hangul misc 865b9fc33 Added (The Hangul engine for IBus).
irqbalance system 804506807 Updated for version 1.0.7.
lazarus development 5ec8fcee4 Updated for version 1.2.6.
libtorrent libraries 7c2810048 Updated for version 0.13.4.
lv2file audio a80d1fb60 Updated for version 0.84.
mdp office 70fd5e491 updated for version 0.92.1
mongodb system efb267ab9 Updated for version 2.6.5.
omniORBpy development b22350b30 Added (A robust high-performance CORBA ORB).
poedit development ff06e7312 Updated for version 1.6.10.
qjackctl audio 9b9503a68 Updated for version 0.3.12.
qt-creator3 development b21221243 Updated for version 3.2.1.
rmlmmc development 184c63a35 Added (Relational Meta-Language).
rtorrent network 11d40c453 Updated for version 0.9.4.
sundials academic b8495cd41 Update DOWNLOAD url.
tzlocal python 996964e23 Added (timezone information).
unison system 51d72ba0f Fix build with OCAML 4.0.
viber network 8336c7a9f Added (mobile application).
vstudio development 4b535a528 Updated for version 5.6.
wheel development 775386cee Added (built-package format).

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