List of submissions that have been approved and are ready for the next update.

Blender graphics 07dd55a94 Suppress manpage when OSL detected
RYMTracks network 4c1747aa2 Removed (unmaintained).
SoapyRTLSDR ham 2262995dc Update EMAIL.
apache-maven development f2c2e77f3 Updated for version 3.9.6.
asttokens python ed0ed7065 Removed (use python3-asttokens).
aws-cdk development c3a52b5ee Updated for version 2.113.0.
borgbackup system 3829aca60 Updated for version 1.2.7.
borgmatic system e6f9860ed Added (backup software).
borgmatic system 7e5865edd Fix github tarball handling.
chafa graphics 21e851837 Updated for version 1.12.5.
deis network a1915f441 Removed (unmaintained).
dell_bios_fan_control system f16e0649f Added (fan control).
diffoscope development 4558e8d24 update to version 252.
element-desktop network 2e8c25928 Updated for version 1.11.51
fet academic effefe520 Updated for version 6.14.0.
fish system 5fc45047f Updated for version 3.6.3.
frr network 48d56d127 Updated for version 9.0.2.
fvwm3 desktop 7617f61a2 Updated for version 1.0.9.
gdstk academic f37fc1237 Added (GDSII / OASIS file library).
ghcup haskell f15e5088c Added (haskell installer).
glrpt ham 21749a14d Updated for version 2.6.1.
google-chrome-the-latest system 9eeaf60f4 Updated for version 3.1.
gqview graphics 648ba1b1f Added (image viewer).
gridtracker ham a6fb70fbd Updated for version 1.23.1202.
hyfetch desktop 60dd555b7 Updated for version 1.4.11.
irrlichtmt libraries 45b50c9de Updated for version 1.9.0mt13.
jenkins system 2d44d2403 Updated for version 2.426.1.
libjxl libraries 2286bf7f8 Updated for version 0.8.2.
librewolf network 285ce5eb7 Updated for version 120.0.1.
libvhdi libraries de9a8f1aa Updated for version 20231127.
libyang libraries 3b141af56 Updated for version 2.1.128.
minetest games 45808214b Updated for version 5.8.0.
mongo-c-driver libraries 6222c777d Updated for version 1.25.1.
mongo-tools system 17fa82d3a Updated for version 100.9.3.
mongodb-shell development db4c502ea Added (MongoDB Shell).
mongodb system 0df5d3baa Updated for version 7.0.4.
mypy python a66d06f59 Updated for version 1.7.1.
nng libraries eae3730e8 Added (Lightweight Messaging Library).
omegat office 253263183 Added (translation memory application).
openresty network 56bbb4542 Update script.
openscad-gearbox graphics a42bbf176 Added (OpenSCAD gearbox generator).
opensmtpd network c23a1883c Don't include INSTALL in package.
opensmtpd network faac87407 Updated for version 7.4.0p1.
openzfs system 9d31fe827 Updated for version 2.2.2.
opera-developer-ffmpeg-codecs multimedia fc0bf1124 Updated for ver 0.82.0.
opera-developer network 4a3930580 Updated for version 106.0.4998.0.
opera-ffmpeg-codecs multimedia 72a048a31 Updated for version 0.82.0.
opera-legacy network f22909f87 Removed (not updated anymore).
opera network ffe89059c Updated for version 105.0.4970.29.
papirus-icon-theme desktop 73a479631 Updated for version 20231201
pd-gears graphics e7df4996e Update DOWNLOAD.
pdal gis eaf4fbaa3 Updated for version 2.6.1.
perl-Date-Manip perl f4a5e1b6b Updated for version 6.93.
pkcs11-helper libraries d3bf98c2e Updated for version 1.30.0.
powerline-status system 87e47a9f5 Update build number.
python3-django python 61aff58cf Updated for version 4.2.8.
python3-hylang development 7972be356 Add missing build dependencies.
python3-hylang development 65cd01918 Added (lisp dialect).
python3-hylang development 7c55bf4c9 Avoid hard-coded python version.
python3-hyrule development 630640305 Added (utility library for Hy).
python3-hyrule development 08ca240a5 Avoid hard-coded python version.
python3-inflate64 python 14382ff79 Added (deflate64 library).
python3-inflate64 python a2f3b4a58 Update DEP.
python3-multivolumefile python 437ae5f04 Added (file library).
python3-py7zr python 74ae405a4 Added (7zip in python3).
python3-py7zr python d01e85fcc Update DEP.
python3-pybcj python 97a5272f1 Added (bcj filter library).
python3-pybcj python 507495548 Update DEP.
python3-pydyf python 76ca7ece2 Added (A low-level PDF generator).
python3-pyphen python e594cf764 Added (Python module to hyphenate text).
python3-pyppmd python d3c75aab0 Added (PPMd library).
python3-pyzstd python 9eb88e9eb Added (Python bindings to zstd library).
python3-weasyprint python 22678fe1f Added (The Awesome Document Factory).
rclone-browser desktop 0584e8c1f Added (Simple cross platform GUI for rclone).
readpe system 5f4466016 Updated for version 20231128_7f3c136.
rtaudio development 824f5983a Added (C++ classes for Audio).
rtrlib libraries e172065ea Updated for version 0.8.0.
stltools graphics 41316901f Added (python stl file module).
stltools graphics 711cb48e3 Fix github tarball handling.
sublime_text development 8e1543562 Updated for version 4.1.69.
sword-data-kjv academic 0bc209119 Update data file.
termcolor python 61073628a Updated for version 2.4.0.
terraform development d1f978b34 Updated for version 1.6.5
thorium-browser network 01a93070b Added (web browser).
tzupdate system dad84011b Added (timezone util).
uftrace development 0c13523c4 Updated for version 20231202_00422e2
veryprettytable python 21a9ad11e Update script.
vstudio development 8b58a4c75 Updated for version 13.6.
wxWidgets libraries 80da57624 Autodetect NanoSVG.
xschem academic eda3a3abe Update script.
yq system a7ebde490 Updated for version 4.40.4.

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