List of submissions that have been approved and are ready for the next update.

KKEdit development b4865d2a5 Update deps.
Pixie graphics 62d257dd6 Added slack-desc.
arc system 476f3ff12 Added (archaic archiver).
bitcoin network 598a1c413 Updated for version 0.9.3.
bowtie academic 6de554d6f Fix DOWNLOAD link.
clamtk system 8622c5db4 Updated for version 5.09.
darktable graphics c3a8bd393 Fix Slackbuild for wrong manpage location.
fail2ban network 8d373c2d1 Updated for version 0.9.0.
gretl academic 7ad356fd3 Fix MD5SUM.
jeex development d7bb60610 Fix config file location.
mafft academic 420572038 Updated for version 7.182.
mcrl2 development dec5a1cf1 Fix build.
medit development de0747510 Updated for version 1.2.0 + new maintainer.
mp3val audio d49422440 Fix build.
mysql-utilities system ade6fee9f Updated for version 1.6.0.
mysql-workbench development f9e2103aa Updated for version 6.2.3.
openttd games ede2069c5 Updated for version 1.4.3.
paml academic 38d8f4c47 Updated for version 4.8a.
python-authres python 2c8f27314 Add missing slack-desc.
pytrainer gis 3acc06b5a Added (activity viewer).
sonarqube development 1a124de14 Updated README.
sooperlooper audio 54c636fc4 Update deps.
sqlalchemy-migrate python abbd37134 Added (Database schema migration).
stone_soup games a24db6c95 Updated for version 0.15.1.
tempita python 35647aace Added (template language).
warsow games 0e83480f1 Update permission.

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