List of submissions that have been approved and are ready for the next update.

adobe-source-sans-pro-font system a817e8662 Updated for version 2.10roman.
adobe-source-serif-pro-font system 81fba8770 Added (open source font).
avahi network 4b17cb33a Fix DOWNLOAD Source.
ccrtp libraries 2ad7767df Update DOWNLOAD source.
converseen graphics 2a2d3c82b Updated for version 0.8.3.
fet academic 773883d66 Updated for version 5.23.2.
google-earth multimedia ca61971c9 Bugfixes for icon and
google-webdesigner development 6ebf6a97b Updated for version
gst1-libav libraries 6ee596f1b Updated for version 1.4.1.
gst1-plugins-bad libraries 92dfd8d9b Updated for version 1.4.1.
gst1-plugins-base libraries 986d943ee Updated for version 1.4.1.
gst1-plugins-good libraries e9695c781 Updated for version 1.4.1.
gst1-plugins-ugly libraries f2a0d18b7 Updated for version 1.4.1.
gstreamer1 libraries 1a2e8a8dc Updated for version 1.4.1.
kronometer misc 2c615af5a Added (A stopwatch application for KDE).
libasyncns libraries 9c99a13bb Fix DOWNLOAD.
libbluray libraries 76fe58d48 Updated for version 0.6.1.
libdaemon libraries ea644a640 Fix DOWNLOAD Source.
libreoffice-helppack office ac946d428 New maintainer.
libreoffice-langpack office 25501c5d4 New maintainer.
libreoffice office 40d609b9d New maintainer.
live555 libraries 71a13a32a Added (C++ libraries for multimedia streaming).
lxde-common desktop 6a95f305b Updated for version 0.5.6.
lxpanel desktop ba4788117 Fixed typo.
mdocml system 4f176e305 Updated for version 1.13.1.
monitorix system 5a94f78d0 Updated for version 3.6.0.
mono development f621bd352 Fix libgdiplus path.
mysql-connector-python libraries e026c7b41 Updated for version 1.2.3.
pasystray audio ddc5f157e Added (System tray application for PulseAudio).
perl-Scalar-List-Utils perl 2abd59a9a Updated for version 1.40.
plex-home-theater multimedia 5912894eb Added (Media Center).
poedit development 038b56b4d Updated for version 1.6.9.
stone_soup games 2cff54dcc Added Documentation.
supervisor system 01c299573 Added (A system for controlling process state).
synergy network ed2dceef0 Updated for version 1.5.1.
tig development 158c0aeab Updated for version 2.0.3.
x265 multimedia 8950ef351 Updated for version 1.3.
yapet misc 0b56e4fb7 Added (Yet Another Password Encryption Tool).

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