List of submissions that have been approved and are ready for the next update.

clearlooks-phenix-theme desktop 363ee55e2 Downgraded for version 4.0 to match gtk 3.8
ctemplate libraries 3ce44bfbf Updated for version 2.3.
fortune-futurama games 415cd2340 Added (Futurama quotes for fortune).
geoserver-control-flow gis 2c8ef519d Updated for version 2.7.0.
geoserver-css gis ab3e73047 Updated for version 2.7.0.
geoserver-javascript gis 2d59f2617 Updated for version 2.7.
geoserver-oracle gis 8cb3400ed Updated for version 2.7.0.
geoserver-pyramid gis 3bba8c53a Updated for version 2.7.0.
geoserver-python gis 9f5833704 Updated for version 2.7.
geoserver-wps gis 92ca236b6 Updated for version 2.7.0.
geoserver gis 9b2a29ec7 Updated for version 2.7.0.
ghc haskell 7cfb6ccc3 Updated for version 7.8.4.
gtkhtml libraries 0e3aeaec5 Added (lightweight HTML rendering engine).
gxkb desktop dc653d708 Updated for version 0.7.5.
haskell-editline haskell 77806f854 Removed (Not compatible with ghc 7.8.4).
haskell-haskeline haskell 24a7a04e1 Removed (Included in ghc 7.8.4).
haskell-terminfo haskell 15826f29a Removed (Included in ghc 7.8.4).
haskell-transformers haskell b11c219a7 Removed (Included in ghc 7.8.4).
haskell-xhtml haskell 718a35d07 Removed (Included in ghc 7.8.4).
json-c libraries 083ab9722 Updated for version 0.12.
mysql-workbench development 92c27ef39 Updated for version 6.2.5.
netdrive-connector network 851462383 Added (Netdrive Connector).
passenger ruby 87d817f17 Added (A web server and application server).
popcorntime multimedia e6ac9ae70 Added (BitTorrent Client).
qgis gis e4a7d252a Updated for version 2.8.1.
rasterio gis 3c376fe80 Updated for version 0.19.1.
speex audio 9047f009c Lots of fixes.
syncthing network 789875939 Added (sync files between your own devices).
xiphos academic 293783c96 Added (A bible study application).

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