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+Tue Jul 6 07:38:43 UTC 2010
+development/eclipse: Fixed VERSION in file
+libraries/libchewing: Added patch for ibus-chewing.
+libraries/libmemcached: Updated for version 0.40.
+misc/conkyforecast: Updated for version 2.10.
+misc/ibus-chewing: Added (chewing engine for ibus input framework)
+multimedia/audiopreview: Added (cli tool that can play previews)
+multimedia/gpac: Added (multimedia framework)
+multimedia/xbmc: Fix to work with newer ffmpeg.
+network/googlecl: Updated for version 0.9.8.
+network/msmtp: Updated for version 1.4.21.
+network/perl-Net-Ident: Updated for version 1.23.
+network/perl-NetAddr-IP: Updated for version 4.028.
+office/kmymoney: Fixed slack-desc and build tweaks.
+office/kmymoney2: Removed now obsolete.
+system/fsarchiver: Updated for version 0.6.10.
+system/gvfs: Added (userspace virtual filesystem)
Sun Jul 4 08:24:47 UTC 2010
academic/abntex: disallow override of ARCH=noarch
academic/bibus: Disallow override of ARCH=noarch