List of submissions that have been approved and are ready for the next update.

7plus ham afbc4bbed Switch homepage to
Eterm system e8f1861ae Update homepage.
ITK academic 455dfab3b Add missing header file.
PyGithub python 899e8899a Update homepage.
WireGuard network 0d3a01458 Updated for version 0.0.20180519.
abcde audio 17f74a8e5 Updated for version 2.9.1.
broadcom-sta network a8d226a67 Updated for Linux kernel 4.16.
cargo-vendor development 7bf83f881 Updated for version 0.1.15.
clockchimes audio bfc2d95a2 Updated for version 0.3.
cwm desktop 406013858 Updated for version 6.3.
dcmtk libraries 5d27bdb79 Added (DICOM ToolKit).
diffoscope development 1a8f5a6a7 Updated for version 95.
dvgrab multimedia 94781d422 Switch homepage to
emelfm2 system ae8e7a658 Switch homepage to
git-fame python 34e31978f Updated DOWNLOAD.
kitchen-sync system 8d3c7004a Updated for version 1.0.
libLAS gis 1f98e4912 Update homepage.
libast libraries 39a9368b3 Updated homepage.
libgta libraries 8f73a0b82 Added (Generic Tagged Arrays Library).
libretro-samples development 2b6eae06a Switch homepage to https.
liferea network cd7e08161 Update DEP.
lizardfs network 66f445297 Update MD5SUMS.
makemkv multimedia 88e67dda8 Updated for version 1.12.2.
mame2014-libretro games 15261148e Updated for version 2017.12.31_62a932c.
mandoc system e5d03b69a Added (UNIX manpage compiler).
mdocml system 1f78d311a Removed (Renamed to mandoc).
mrustc development 6a2934220 Updated for version gitb5b7089.
mtftar system b3f8f4302 Switch homepage to, fix download.
netdata system b498c8d58 Add setcap for apps.plugins.
nkf system 8e96d7588 Added (Network Kanji Filter).
nvidia-texture-tools graphics 7e9e98f2d Added (NVIDIA Texture Tools).
oomox desktop 91fda5b1f Update MD5SUMS.
ossim gis 637ea1431 Fix tarball extraction.
palemoon-bin network 032d9ae12 Added (renamed from palemoon) + new maint.
palemoon network 872a7d167 Removed (please use palemoon-bin).
par2cmdline-tbb misc 574985a05 Update homepage.
passwordsafe system 316a94ccf Fixed download.
perl-WebService-MusicBrainz perl af2029f11 Updated for version 1.0.4.
prosody-mod-cloud-notify network 7cf778708 Fixed MD5SUM.
prosody-mod-csi network 0a0f86cd3 Fixed MD5SUM.
prosody-mod-filter-chatstates network 68015f322 Fixed MD5SUM.
prosody-mod-http-upload network b33a4f6ca Fixed MD5SUM.
prosody-mod-mam-muc network 6e2cbe722 Fixed MD5SUM.
prosody-mod-smacks-offline prosody 73e713047 Fixed MD5SUM.
prosody-mod-smacks network 5ce510a13 Fixed MD5SUM.
prosody-mod-throttle-presence network 9043e2be7 Fixed MD5SUM.
pudb development 616e1a02a Updated for version 2017.1.4 + new maintainer.
pybluez python 5fc4a3e14 Update homepage.
pyclewn development 42b016b9f Update homepage and download.
pyenchant development 0ee74b52b Update homepage.
python3-django python b561eca72 Update REQUIRES and HOMEPAGE.
python3-dvdvideo libraries e75ff61f6 Update homepage.
python3-urwid system e63d787d1 Updated for version 2.0.1.
pytzdata python 89c894941 Updated for version 2018.5.
qute office b5415e37b Update homepage.
riot-web network 1d686f2a9 Update MD5SUMS.
rplay audio 28e6bc8b4 Switch homepage to
rubygem-rubocop ruby 37e4be9d2 Updated for version 0.56.
samurai development 8964b5005 Added (ninja-compatible build tool).
sandy system e12f46136 Switch homepage to
sfarkxtc audio a312850be Update homepage.
smbldap-tools system c09c4bbfb Switch homepage to
smoffice2018 office 8443206c7 Updated for version 2018_931.
stansoft business d223a80f2 Update MD5SUMS.
teapot office a81c8fab0 Switch homepage to
tkcvs development 269d59602 Switch homepage to
uae system 25ae7030e Switch homepage to
upass system 757bed996 Update REQUIRES.
verm network 0c9c0a038 Updated for version 1.5.1.
whyteboard graphics 352f7bda5 Switched homepage to
wireshark network 8b13ab3da Updated for version 2.6.1.
youtube-dl network 98f76ed80 Updated for version 2018.05.18.

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