Bug Reports

If you think you've found a bug/problem in one of the scripts, this is the process to follow:

  1. Read the error message(s) if applicable - make sure the source tarball and all other necessary files are present. Read the HOWTO if you are unfamiliar with the build process.

  2. Make sure you have all necessary dependencies as noted in the README and .info files included in the script's directory. If a dependency is needed, but not listed, please see Step 6.

  3. Consider creating a log of the configure --> make --> make install process (see our Build Process Logging HOWTO for instructions) to see what's causing the problem.

  4. Read the FAQ to make sure your problem isn't addressed there.

  5. Search the Users Mailing List Archives to verify that the problem hasn't already been reported and/or fixed.

  6. Contact the maintainer to discuss the issue you are having. Maintainer contact information is found in the included .info file with every .SlackBuild file, and is also available on the web page for the script in question. Include as much information as you can, including your build log, if necessary.

  7. If you do not get a timely <1-2 week> response, or the bug is critical, you can report the bug on the Slackbuilds-users mailing list: https://lists.slackbuilds.org. You do not have to subscribe to the list to send mail to it, but all replies will go to the list, so you won't see them if you don't subscribe. If you prefer to send mail to the list without subscribing, the address is slackbuilds-users[AT]slackbuilds.org.

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